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Awwww! Thank you so much for the Karai shout out! :D TMNT forever. -MN.

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Your video from “Hollywood Today” was fun to watch!  Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my little post!  Oh, wow…  You are a TMNT fan & love animals (checked out & now follow your tumblr ratshavefeelingstoo & I love it) & comics & do comedy…..& so lovely!  You make me feel so much geek-girl pride…  YOU are positively AMAZING!  (Okay now I am going to faint…*face-plant on keyboard)

Turtle Talk with Minae Noji of TMNT
She is so awesome! She loves TMNT, pizza & her favorite was DONATELLO (she wanted to have his turtle babies)! She is a hot girl geek & she loves her pet rat. She rocks! Check out her tumblr





the new animated adventures comics are pure gold.

(and people say raph doesn’t care. sheesh.)

AWW RAPHIE!!!!!!!!! <3


Oh wow! Donnie… you know how to kick it off with fireworks… & nice save there Raph… nice save.

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What have I become…?



That what motivates my day…tacos. How about you?

Mikey chatting&#8230;..

Mikey chatting…..

April&#8217;s &#8220;This is ALL KINDS of MESSED UP!&#8221;

April’s “This is ALL KINDS of MESSED UP!

Just look at their eyes&#8230; like the intro to the Brady Bunch but with nightmares&#8230;

Just look at their eyes… like the intro to the Brady Bunch but with nightmares…

Donnie screaming &#8220;MY BABY!"

Donnie screaming “MY BABY!"

As the world, comes CRASHING&#8230;..

As the world, comes CRASHING…..


Wow, Shedder is PRETTY sneaky…

Sometimes I feel like, somebody&#8217;s WATCHING me&#8230;.


Wow, Shedder is PRETTY sneaky…

Sometimes I feel like, somebody’s WATCHING me….

So Donnie, does this mean that April will have to save you instead & to be your hero? How do you feel when people naturally assume that you, as a girl, will be the vulnerable helpless damsel in distress, being the female of the team now? Do you think she is perceived wrongly now that you are in her shoes?

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April has already saved me. She pushed me out of the way of a kraang laser. It was so awesome. I saved her from it and without a thought she just jumped on me and the laser went right over us.

Of course April is vulnerable compared to us, but not because she’s a girl. She’s more vulnerable because she doesn’t have armor. She doesn’t have the experience we have or the years of training. It isn’t because she’s female.

As far as being the Damsel in Distress, Leo has been caught as much as April has. 


Karai and the Shredder - “I Hate You / I Love You”

I really, really wanted to make a video about the mixed feelings Karai must have for the man who raised her. So here it is. Enjoy!

The song is an edited version of “I Hate You” from the new musical “If/Then”, starring Idina Menzel. It’s been cut and mixed with clips from the show, and other lines from Kelly Hu. Full credits at end.

I hate you for making me feel feelings… I love this & hate this & I love this SO damn MUCH!

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Turtles in muns clothing. 
Sort of. - Penprick.
Jasmine Alexandra inspired drawing of the turtles we know in clothes they chose/wear themselves.

Raph-The-Muscle | CaptainLeonardo | The-Mikeynator | DonatelloTMNT

You guys are amazing… I love you!

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Okay guys, can we just calm down about the whole April's butt thing?


Its really good that so many of you understand and are worried about these kinds of things in children’s media. But I’m pretty sure the last thing any kid watching this show is worried about is April’s butt.

Also when it comes to Casey…

You guys do realize they’re all teenagers, right? And that…

I DISAGREE! I am PROUD that fans are not letting this SLIDE! NO ONE (not even TEENS in any age) should TOUCH a girl without her consent! NO MEANS NO! This mentality of "LET’S BOYS BE BOYS" is an archaic mindset that molds boys into thinking it is alright to pinch a girl’s body for kicks…which leads them to grow up & “BE THAT GUY” who doesn’t respect women. OH! You may say… It is all in fun… NO! IT IS NOT! It starts with playground bullying & high school high-jinx where girls are expected to be flattered to be pinched & whistled at! it is not acceptable even with CASEY…ESPECIALLY WITH CASEY! He is showing to be a CHAUVINIST SEXIST CHARACTER…& he deserves a BUTT-KICKING with that SLAP to the FACE! You may think they make a cute couple, but I see someone who does not respect her as an equal & as a friend! I defend those who were offended. It shows that the fans have a sense of GROWTH & RESPECT FEMALE CHARACTERS! Don’t make a mountain into a mole hill! Be upset & never ashamed!

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