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The Funniest Nightmare ever

I saw this & I thought that this was the funniest moment in the nightmare sequence… I just love the tone from pink to dooky green… I think this reflects on how I feel about CrApril… When I saw Donnie get upset over it I felt bad…but I was grinning at the part of Casey freaking out… People seem to think that Donnie is going too far, but seriously, that is being hypocritical… This is his first crush, you know how many times I have seen a girl write a boy’s name with hers on notebooks & sketchbooks? People think it is Donnie being pushy, but really, we are just seeing things privately in the show, from his self-doubt to him ranting to Timmy… It is very intimate moments…. He is not crushing more than he should, we just see more of it, because we see Donnie’s private moments as well… SO think if someone was watching you? What would they think? That your boring? You like the guy too much? You are a nerd who sings theme songs & is a weirdo? Yeah, I bet if they saw your cartoon collection, people would judge… so think of that before you start criticizing Donnie’s crush. He has one & let us not forget how that was the biggest deal to us when we were in love? Think of that, would ya? Oh boy! I think I am getting a hang of this thing… look at Casey GO! Isn’t it cute?